Let’s Recap our Last 12 Months!

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Check out this recap list of all our favorite topics over the last year! We’re more than just the premier Chantilly VA auto repair company, we’re here to give you excellent advice on all things automotive and driving.
Did you know 87% of all drivers engage in at least one risky behavior while behind the wheel? Drivers who research safer means of transportation are more likely to be safer behind the wheel and less likely to be ticketed. So check out these great links below to keep you in the top 13%!

1. Getting ready for a road trip?

Nothing says summer like wide open roads and clear blue skies. And nothing can ruin those dreams faster than a flat tire or hot air conditioning. Advanced Automotive has excellent packages to keep your car running in tip top shape before hitting the road. Need an oil change? Tires rotated? Coolant checked? Bring your car in and have one less thing to worry about this summer!

2. Need a tow truck?

Meet Jim, Advanced Automotive’s number one tow truck driver. Whether you find yourself stranded because of a flat, your car is immobile from an accident, or that battery is deader than a door nail, you can call on Jim or any of our expert tow truck drivers to save the day. Read up on what a day in the life is like!

3. Got a teen driver?

There are few things that shoot terror into the hearts of parents than that of a teen driver. Share our driver’s safety tips with your teen to minimize the risk of accidents or tickets. And it may be a great refresher for our more experienced drivers!

4. The Great Motor Oil Debate!

Don’t know if you should use synthetic or conventional oil for your car? Tired of having a new mechanic tell you which oil you should use? Advanced Automotive is here to settle the debate once and for all.

5. Most Reliable Cars of 2016

Though we are now almost halfway through the year, don’t miss our list of the most and least reliable cars of 2016. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or just make sure you made a sound purchase, this list is definitely worth checking out.

6. Recap of the CES 2016!

We’ve got all the details you may have missed from the illustrious Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. The star of the show was Automotive Innovation, and you do not want to miss this!

7. Got Tax Refund? Spend it On Your Car!

Vacations and new gadgets can be tempting with a sudden influx of cash, but a sound investment is putting that money into your car! Check out our recommendations on how to spend your hard-earned cash to keep ol’ reliable still running in tip top shape.