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The main auto safety feature of your vehicle is your brake systems. This system is highly complex and involves the precise movements of parts that convert kinetic energy into thermal energy to stop your car when you press the brakes.

Consider this: When you press your brake pedals, a master cylinder pressurizes a system of hydraulic brake lines, which lead down to each tire. Brake pads are pressed up against a drum/rotor to create the required friction necessary to slow and stop your vehicle.

Over time, brake pad and the other brake system components, including calipers and brake rotors, can wear down due to friction. Checking your brakes and giving them the proper care should be part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, just like getting an oil change or wheel alignment.



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Local Auto & Brake Repair and Services in Warrenton VA 20186

Our Warrenton brake repair services technicians are all ASE certified, and we support their continued education to learn about the best tools and techniques.

Call us to ensure your brakes are safe every time you get on the road.

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Types of Brake and Auto Service

There are many types of issues that can happen with the brake systems in your vehicle. Here are the three most common types of brake services.

Brake Line Bleeding Services

Air bubbles can get caught in your brake lines that compromise your vehicle’s ability to come to a stop. Bleeding refers to removing any air bubbles. Reducing air bubbles increases hydraulic pressure and improves brake and vehicle performance.

Brake Pad Replacement Services

Your brake pads lining increases friction when you push down on your brake pedal. You may hear a high-pitched squeal with a decreased ability to brake correctly if your brake pads need to be replaced. A brake pads replacement requires removing lug nuts, wheels, and caliper fasteners.

Auto Master Cylinder Overhaul Services

The master cylinders within your brake system is designed to last throughout the car’s lifetime. The cylinder of your car is responsible for converting the force from your foot pressing down into the pedal into hydraulic pressure.

Grime can get into your system and harm its performance. An overhaul cleans this brake systems to allow it to work better.

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Why Trust Advanced Automotive for your Brake Repair Needs

Bad brakes can put you and your loved ones in danger. Your car requires service experts who know how to repair your brake system effectively to ensure your safety.

Signs you need an auto brake repair

Not sure if you need a brake service? Check out these signs:


If your brakes make a squeal or grind when in use, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for brake repair services. These symptoms are both signs that friction has gotten the better of your brake system, and your car might not brake as easily.


Another sign is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other. This may mean that your brakes have worn, the caliper malfunctioned, or you have low brake fluid. Your vehicle pulling one way could also be a sign that you need a tire alignment.

Spongy Feel

If you notice that your brake pedal feels spongy, you may have air in the brake line preventing you from stopping effectively.

Many people ignore the warning signs that they need brake repair. However, once they’re worn down, they may completely malfunction and prevent you from stopping your vehicle, especially on

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We know how hard Warrenton winters can be on your vehicle and brakes. Not only that, but hot summers with stop and go traffic can wear your brakes out faster than somewhere with more mild weather. If your brakes are squealing and you’re worried about how they’ll hold up in the next storm, it’s time to see the service experts at Advanced Automotive. Our auto repair shop offers great customer service for all of our customers.

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