Make Chantilly’s Premier Auto Center the First Stop on Your Summer Roadtrip

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip.

Take a second and imagine:

The open road under your wheels

The wind in your hair

The music blasting

Sounds a little like your idea of the perfect summer, doesn’t it?

Well, imagine all that. And then imagine this:

You’re cruising down the open road, singing along to whatever’s on the radio in that middle of nowhere Virginia town, and suddenly you hear “thump, thump thump.” Uh oh. Flat tire. Or maybe, the wind is blowing through your air because your car’s air conditioner stopped working 200 miles back.

That doesn’t quite sound like anyone’s idea of the perfect summer, does it?

Well, I have good news:

With Advanced Automotive in your corner, you’ll have the perfect summer.

And now whatever that other summer would be.

All summer long, Advanced Automotive — Chantilly, Virginia’s premier auto center — is offering its customers two exclusive maintenance specials designed to keep you, and your car safe and rolling on the road to rest and relaxation all summer long.

Get vacation ready with a Vacation Package from Advanced Automotive.

There are bags to be packed; dogs to be boarded; mail to be held; oil to be changed; coolant systems to be checked; and tires to be rotated. While Advanced Automotive can’t help with the bags, or the dogs, or the mail, the oil, and the coolant system, and the tires (and more) are our specialty. And now, this summer, before your big road trip, you can have it all done at once, when you visit Chantilly’s premier auto center and ask for the Vacation Package, for just $39.95.

Stay cool with an A/C tune-up.

Feel the wind in your hair, only when you want to.

Chantilly’s premier auto center invites northern Virginia road warriors everywhere to visit Advanced Automotive for an air conditioner tune-up, for the low price of just $89.95. Highly trained automotive technicians are standing by to check your air conditioning system for leaks, and its Freon levels; as well as to ensure appropriate pressure, compressor health, and that the word on the street this summer is ‘cool’.

Call Advanced Automotive today, before you hit the open road.