Teens Driving in Northern Virginia? Review These Safety Tips.

Did you know that teenage drivers record the single highest number of automobile accidents, more than any other age group?

That’s not to scare you as your child readies to take their driving test for the very first time this summer, but instead to help you better prepare them for the realities of the road, and driving in northern Virginia.

Review the following safety tips with teen drivers:

Don’t text and drive.

Better yet, turn all cell phones off. Many studies have shown that the use of a handheld mobile device is the most dangerous form of distracted driving. Not only does texting and driving cause hundreds of automobile accidents in northern Virginia every year, it’s also illegal.

(And hey, don’t think you can get away with sending a text message while stopped at a light: The only exceptions to Virginia’s text-and-drive law are for drivers of emergency vehicles, drivers reporting an emergency, and drivers who are legally parked.)

Obey the speed limit.

Always. There are no exceptions. Navigating traffic in northern Virginia can be tricky, even for the most experienced driver. But when a teenage driver with limited experience on still-unfamiliar roads chooses to speed, the risk for a fatal accident increases dramatically. Driving a safe speed will keep teen drivers safe, and will also reduce the risk for costly traffic tickets and higher insurance premiums. In fact, during special events save some stress on Prom and Homecoming by hiring a sedan service.

Drive defensively.

This goes hand-in-hand with the advice you’ve already heard from Chantilly, Virginia’s premier auto center: Keen awareness of defensive driving techniques will ensure your teenage driver’s safety, and that of everyone else on the road. Stay at least one car length behind the car in front of you in slower speeds, and maintain a larger buffer zone when traveling at faster speeds.

Choose a safe car.

Every teenager looks forward to the day when he’ll get to buy his very own car. The color is important, and, too, the quality of the radio / stereo system, but most important of all are the safety features. A vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, air bags, and an excellent crash safety record should be your first priority when choosing your teenage driver’s first wheels.

Visit Advanced Automotive for routine maintenance.

Choosing, and purchasing a safe car is only part of the equation. Teach the teenage driver in your family the importance of regular and routine vehicle maintenance.

Bring your vehicle — bring them all! — to Chantilly’s premier auto center, Advanced Automotive for an oil change or a safety inspection when it’s due.