Keep Your Vehicle Legally Compliant on Virginia Roads!

Whether you drive a personal or business vehicle, you must get it inspected annually. That’s the law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To maintain its legal status on the roads, your car needs a valid inspection sticker on its windshield. Without it, you face hefty fines or may even lose your vehicle. At Advanced Automotive, we understand that for many drivers this is simply not an option.

Don’t put your safety and your car at unnecessary risk! Advanced Automotive offers a complete and reliable vehicle inspection service that fulfills all of Virginia’s legal requirements.




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Advanced Automotive Gives You Peace of Mind

It’s understandable to be anxious about an upcoming vehicle inspection. If your car fails the inspection, you must correct all problems quickly to avoid fines.

If you are nervous about an upcoming inspection, let Advanced Automotive put your mind at ease. We have the resources and experience necessary to fix your vehicle right here at our shop. Save valuable time and money with our complete vehicle inspection services, including:

  • Brake systems check
  • Complete light system inspection
  • Engine and exhaust system inspection
  • Tire and brake system check
  • Mirrors and windshield inspection
  • Comprehensive safety system check
  • Fuel system inspection
  • And more!

The MOST TRUSTED Local Car Inspection and Repair Services in Chantilly and Warrenton, VA

  • Fast and reliable Virginia vehicle inspection
  • Fix discovered issues on-site
  • We inspect all vehicle makes and models
  • 100% FREE courtesy check with every vehicle inspection
  • 12,000-mile warranty on all parts and services
  • A+ rated customer service


Your Local and Reliable Vehicle Inspection Service Provider

For more than 35 years, Advanced Automotive has been providing top-rate car inspection and repair services for drivers in Chantilly, Warrenton, and the surrounding areas. As a local, family-owned company, we understand the conditions in northern Virginia and how they can affect your car.

Thanks to this knowledge, we can give your vehicle the most accurate and comprehensive inspection that goes beyond the requirements of the law. Stay legally compliant and safe on the roads with Advanced Automotive.

Fast and Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection & Issue Resolution

All our technicians are fully ASE-certified, seasoned professionals. They are highly educated and trained in the latest car inspection and repair tools, technologies, and techniques.

With our unmatched expertise, we inspect your car in record time and with unmatched precision. Get your car through the inspection quickly and confidently when you bring it to Advanced Automotive.

We Inspect All Domestic and Import Cars

No vehicle is foreign to our specialists. We’re experts on all car makes and models, whether domestic or imported, gasoline-fueled or hybrid. Whatever your ride, you can rely on us for all inspections and fixes.

Car makes served at Advanced Automotive include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Mini
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
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100% Courtesy Check with Every Vehicle Inspection

Advanced Automotive offers a 100% free courtesy check of your car with every inspection. We go above and beyond the Virginia legal requirements — our technicians check every part and system of your car for potential problems.

If we find any issues, we’ll inform you clearly what we’ve found and offer a free estimate on repairs. Maintaining your car’s condition beyond legal requirements saves you money on future inspections and keeps you safer on the road.

But don’t worry — we’ll never push you into a sale. We want to inform you, not to sell services you don’t need.

Sit Back and Relax While We Work

Our technicians work faster than any others, but they still need some time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle. While you’re waiting for them to complete their work, you can relax in our comfortable waiting area. Enjoy free coffee and tea, TV, and Wi-Fi while we inspect your car!


What Can Cause My Car to Fail Inspection?

The Virginia vehicle inspection covers all major systems of your vehicle. Flaws and damaged or worn components in any of them can result in a failed inspection.

However, there are some issues that cause cars to fail more often than others. Some of the most common causes of inspection failure include:

  • Brakes: Worn brake pads cause many inspection failures every year, alongside missing or defective brake components and brake fluid leakage. Your brakes are vital to your safety and an inspector can’t allow you to drive with deficient brakes.
  • Check Engine Light: The CEL is your car’s way of telling you something’s not right. The light itself isn’t a cause for inspection failure, but any issue it’s indicating most likely will be.
  • Emissions: Excessive tailpipe emissions are a very common problem with cars, especially older vehicles. In some Virginia counties, emissions are one of the leading causes of inspection failure.
  • Lights: Technicians fail dozens of cars each and every year for burnt-out headlights and brake lights. If any of your car’s lights are out, get them fixed before the inspection.
  • Tires: Worn tires are a strong contender for the single most common cause of failed vehicle inspections. A tire tread depth of below 2/32 of an inch will automatically result in failure.
  • Windshield: Approximately one out of ten cars in Virginia has a defective windshield, whether it’s cracked or too heavily tinted. None of these vehicles are eligible to pass an inspection.


What Should I Do If My Vehicle Fails Annual Virginia Inspection?

Should your car fail a Virginia vehicle inspection, there’s no need to panic. You have ample time to address the problems the technicians discovered.

If an Advanced Automotive technician fails your vehicle, we’ll place a rejection sticker on it. You’re still allowed to operate the vehicle legally for 15 days from the date marked on the sticker.

Use that time wisely and set up a repair appointment with us to fix the problems with your car. You can then confidently pass your re-inspection without risking a hefty fine.

Advanced Automotive doesn’t take appointments for Virginia vehicle inspections. Simply drop by and we’ll inspect your car. If we discover any problems, we may be able to repair them right away.