Vehicle Diagnostic in Chantilly & Warrenton VA 20186

When you come to Advanced Automotive for Vehicle Diagnostic Warrenton, VA you can enjoy our comfortable waiting area while our certified technicians work on your vehicle, or drop it off and get notified when it’s ready to be picked up.



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Here’s What a Vehicle Diagnostic Gets You

  • Free courtesy check complete with an estimate of work if issues are found.
  • Our goal is to inform you not pressure you. Our courtesy check helps give information on important areas of your car that may need attention – brake system, tire rotation, mechanical parts, etc..
  • A comfortable and clean waiting room to make you feel like you’re at home. Gourmet coffee and tea along with free wifi and television while you wait!
Man Changing a Car Tire

Repair Tire

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) defines the acceptable puncture repair area as the “crown” of the tire, approximately 1–1.5 inches in from each tire shoulder.

Patch-plugging a tire from the inside-out is the only safe way to repair a tire. String plugs are a temporary and unsafe repair, and they are not recommended by the TIA.

Replace Tire

A puncture outside the crown, either in the shoulder or the sidewall, can damage the belts and cables in the tire and compromise the tire’s structural integrity.

If a tire is punctured outside the crown area, then the tire must be replaced.