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Chantilly VA summers are known for being hot and humid. Whether you’ve got a long drive to work in the morning or can’t stand the heat, your vehicle needs a working air conditioner. There’s no need to sweat through your shirt before you’ve even started your day.

While Chantilly summers are hot, our winters can be downright freezing. Not only is your heat important for keeping you comfortable in your vehicle, but it’s a necessity if you need to defrost and melt snow off of your windshield.

Make your vehicle’s temperature comfortable with a heating and air conditioning system auto service.



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Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service in Chantilly VA

We’re experts in fixing heaters and air conditioning systems with years of experience. Each and every one of our car and truck repair experts are ASE certified, which means they know the latest techniques to fix your car’s air conditioning, change your oil, and repair your car or truck. Whether it’s a problem with your refrigerant or a component of your AC system is broken, you can call us.

Contact your local VA auto repair shop for heating and aircondition repair in Chantilly, VA.


Repair Tire

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) defines the acceptable puncture repair area as the “crown” of the tire, approximately 1–1.5 inches in from each tire shoulder.

Patch-plugging a tire from the inside-out is the only safe way to repair a tire. String plugs are a temporary and unsafe repair, and they are not recommended by the TIA.

Replace Tire

A puncture outside the crown, either in the shoulder or the sidewall, can damage the belts and cables in the tire and compromise the tire’s structural integrity.

If a tire is punctured outside the crown area, then the tire must be replaced.

Signs you need an Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Service

While the most obvious sign that your air conditioning system needs attention is the lack of cool air flowing through your vents, there are other indicators that may not be so obvious. Maybe it takes a longer amount of time for cool air to begin flowing through your vents than they used to. These are just a few examples of signs that your air conditioning may be in need of service:

Cool Air Temperature

If your vehicle is blowing into the cabin only slightly cooler air than the air outside, this could mean that your heating and air conditioning system is not working properly and needs a repair. You should notice a big difference between the temperature of the air outside and the air inside when your air conditioning is in use, not just a difference because of your fan. If you don’t, there’s likely something wrong with your refrigerant.

Mildew Smell

Your heating and cooling system should never have an unpleasant smell. If your air is coming out into the cabin smelling damp or moldy, you could have a leak that requires attention. If mold has gotten into your vents, it could be dangerous for your health.

Car Isn’t Heating Up

Your heating and cooling system is a necessity in the winter. If your heater isn’t working in the winter or it’s only making your cabin slightly warmer than the 30-degree weather outside, your air conditioning system likely has problems. While few cars heat up immediately, you should notice a difference in the temperature in your car or truck within minutes, even in freezing temperatures.

Auto Defroster Doesn’t Work 

We all know how hard it can be to get ice off of your windshield in the winter. Now imagine that without being able to use your defroster. If you can hear and feel your fan running, there is likely something wrong with your defroster.

You should bring your car in for inspection if you notice that your defroster takes longer to warm or your vehicle is not defrosting at all. If your defroster take longer, you’ll have difficulty heating up your vehicle so that you can comfortably get to the office on time in the morning.

Auto Heating or Cooling Systems Only Work in Motion

Your heating and AC systems should work whether or not the car is in motion. If you notice that your car air conditioning or heat works only when driving or your car is in motion, there could be something wrong with your air conditioning system.

Likewise, if your fan completely shuts off when you stop, it’s time to bring your car in for maintenance and car heater repairs.

Low Airflow with Heating or Cooling Systems

Your air conditioner will likely need repairs if you experience low airflow. Low airflow is another symptom of a faulty heating and AC system in your vehicle. If you’re not getting an optimal amount of airflow into the cabin, it could take your car longer to heat up and defrost or cool down.

Why Trust Advanced Automotive for Auto Air Conditioning Repair Chantilly, VA

Our technicians make a commitment to continued education. Each one of our car care experts is ASE certified and encouraged to return to school to learn about the latest tools and technologies in the automotive industry. We offer quality services that can help keep you comfortable, whether it’s summer or winter.

Our auto car air conditioning repair shop accepts all makes and models so that you can bring your car to us no matter the issue.

Why Choose Chantilly’s Car Maintenance and Repair Experts?

All of our technicians are ASE certified, and we support continuing education so that our entire team is up to date on the latest tools and technology. We have over 35 years of experience that’s why we’re trusted by locals, our reviews are a testament to that.

Quality Customer Service

We provide our customers with the quality customer service that they can rely on. We strive to make your auto service as fast and affordable as possible so that you can relax knowing your vehicle is in good, experienced, and educated hands.

The needs of our Chantilly customers are our number one priority, and we want to ensure your safety on the road. Our auto service and repair shop performs thorough inspections and offers the best solutions to meet your needs, because we care.

During your inspection, our professionals will discuss our recommendations so that you have a thorough understanding of the problem and the service that needs to be performed.

A Stress-Free Experience for Chantilly Residents

We provide top-notch services paired with quality customer service to ensure a stress-free experience. If you’re waiting on an oil change, you can enjoy our free WiFi and refreshments in the shop. If you’re stuck in the mud on a rainy summer night, you can call us for an emergency tow.

As always, your safety is our number one priority and we’re here to help you find the best auto solutions for your vehicle.

In need of an auto repair? Call our phone number for Auto services in Chantilly, VA at (703) 952-3221 or visit us Monday through Saturday: 8 am to 6 pm.

Why Choose Chantilly’s Auto Air Conditioning Repair Experts

We keep you safe and comfortable on the road. Quality customer service is our main priority, which is why we provide all of our customers with a free estimate. Our experts know how important the engine of your car or truck is to your everyday life, and we strive to ensure that you’re not only safe on the road but comfortable.

Beat the Chantilly VA heat during summer and keep yourself warm in the winter, and call us for quality heater and air conditioning repair Chantilly VA. Our phone number is (504) 470-0844.  Or stop by! We’re located at 4007-A Westfax Dr. Chantilly, VA 20151. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday 8 am to 1 pm.

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