Brake Fluid Change Coupons

By clipping a brake fluid change coupon, you can save while keeping yourself and others safe on the roads.

Take a visit to Advanced Automotive for brake fluid exchange to keep your brake system working efficiently and safely. Our service includes an inspection of your brake system, fluid replacement, and the proper disposal of the used fluid.

With a brake fluid coupon, you can improve the function of your brake system, which will help keep you safe on the road. Your brake fluid is a necessary part of the entire braking system. When you press the brake pedal to slow down or stop your vehicle, hydraulic brake fluid flows to the brake.

Over time, your fluid degrades, negatively impacting your brake system’s performance. Keep your brakes in proper condition with a brake fluid exchange coupon that can keep you safe on the road at a price that you can’t beat. Clip your coupon and bring it into Advanced Automotive today.



$25 OFF

*per axle – requires pad and rotor replacement or pad and rotor resurface


Valid until 06/30/24