Virginia Safety & Emissions Inspections

Whether your vehicle is used for personal or business reasons, a yearly auto inspection is necessary in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If your vehicle fails the inspection, the problem must be resolved or you could face hefty fines. We understand that for many people, paying fines or losing a vehicle is simply not an option.



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VA State Inspection in Chantilly

The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates a number of pass/fail screening checks be performed before a vehicle deemed safe for road travel. During a state inspection your vehicle is checked for any potential safety issues: The brake rotors and drums are checked for wear; the exhaust system is inspected for leaks or carbon monoxide issues; your tires are checked for stability and handling issues; the auto glass is inspected for cracks, and your vehicle’s lighting is checked to ensure that it’s working properly.

Let Advanced Automotive give you peace of mind.
If you are nervous about an upcoming inspection, let us put your mind at ease. If your vehicle fails inspection, we have the resources and experience necessary to fix your vehicle right here at our shop, saving you valuable time and money.

Our full auto service repair shop is conveniently located in Chantilly VA, and is easily accessible for all northern Virginia drivers in the surrounding areas. (Customers, enjoy free Wi-Fi while you wait!)

Please call us at (703) 952-3221 for more information about our inspection services.


Repair Tire

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) defines the acceptable puncture repair area as the “crown” of the tire, approximately 1–1.5 inches in from each tire shoulder.

Patch-plugging a tire from the inside-out is the only safe way to repair a tire. String plugs are a temporary and unsafe repair, and they are not recommended by the TIA.

Replace Tire

A puncture outside the crown, either in the shoulder or the sidewall, can damage the belts and cables in the tire and compromise the tire’s structural integrity.

If a tire is punctured outside the crown area, then the tire must be replaced.