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Brakes are a crucial safety feature of your vehicle. If there’s one repair for your vehicle that you absolutely should not or, in some instances, cannot wait for, it’s replacing your brakes and rotors. Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle, and eventually, they’re going to need to be replaced. For routine maintenance, check your vehicle’s braking system at least once per year.



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Local Brake Shops and Service in Chantilly, Virginia

We offer all of our customers a written warranty on the back of all invoices covering parts and labor for up to one year or 12,000 miles.

As members of your Chantilly community, we care about you and your car. We offer great work and the best customer service so that you know your vehicle is safe in our hands.

Not only that, but all of our Chantilly’s car care experts are ASE certified and have over 30 years of experience, so that you can rest easy knowing that we’re using the latest tools, techniques, and technology to keep you safe behind the wheel of your car with the right brake repair service for you.

Come in for a brakes inspection and receive a free estimate for service.

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Types of Chantilly VA Brake Repair and Services 

We’ll give your car an inspection to check all aspects and components of your brakes to ensure your safety when you drive.

Brake Pad Replacement

If you notice squealing brakes, you may need to replace your brake pads or shoes. It takes an experienced technician to determine the cause of that sound. Brake pads, just like your tires, are subject to regular wear and tear, especially on Chantilly roads because of harsh winter weather conditions and stop and go traffic. Each time you put pressure on your brakes it causes friction, which can wear down brake pads.

While you can’t prevent this, getting new brake pads can keep you and your family safe on the road. To prevent premature wear on new brake pads, you can also replace the rotors at the same time.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement

Brake rotors can be resurfaced or replaced. When they’re resurfaced, a technician grinds the rotor until it’s smooth and even to prevent noise and vibration. If your rotors are too damaged or thin, you’ll have to get a new rotor.

A replacement of your rotors involves giving your car new brake pads and rotors. Your vehicle’s manufacturer may require that the rotors are replaced each time the pads are.

Brake Fluid Flushes

Air and water can get caught in your brake fluid and line. While it may seem harmless, both air and water within the brake line can cause the brake system to become less effective. Air in the system can cause it to have a soft pedal, while condensation buildup can cause corrosion. A flush will make sure that your vehicle’s brake fluid is fresh, and your system is working optimally.

  • Brake Fluid Exchange – $119.95

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Other Chantilly VA Auto Repairs & Brake Services We Offer

Because your brake system is a critical safety feature in your vehicle, we offer other brake service to further support the entire system. These include:


Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) ensure that your tires continue to rotate during the process of braking. This brake service prevents the vehicle from skidding, especially on ice, so that you have better control when you drive your vehicle.

Brake Caliper Replacement 

A brake caliper presses the brake pads against the rotor when you put your foot on the pedal. A problem with the caliper could cause uneven braking, which makes your vehicle skid or slide forward instead of coming to a complete stop. This can be detrimental on Chantilly roads in the winter as it can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. A new caliper allows for even, safe braking.

Why Trust Advanced Automotive for Brake Repair in Chantilly, VA

We believe in informing our customers about their brake systems issues rather than pressuring them about a auto brake repair, which is why we offer free estimates if we find anything that needs to be repaired. Our free estimates can help you understand more about your car and the repair services it needs. We’ll also offer tips and tricks to keep your brakes healthier for longer after a detailed inspection.


Repair Tire

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) defines the acceptable puncture repair area as the “crown” of the tire, approximately 1–1.5 inches in from each tire shoulder. Patch-plugging a tire from the inside-out is the only safe way to repair a tire. String plugs are a temporary and unsafe repair, and they are not recommended by the TIA.

Replace Tire

A puncture outside the crown, either in the shoulder or the sidewall, can damage the belts and cables in the tire and compromise the tire’s structural integrity. If a tire is punctured outside the crown area, then the tire must be replaced.

Signs you need a brake repair service in Chantilly, VA

The need for auto brake repair or another brake service might not always be easy to spot. Here are a few signs that you should bring your car into our auto shop for repair.

Brake Squealing

A high pitched squeal is the most obvious sign that your brakes need attention. Brake pads manufacturers typically include a piece called an indicator on the pad itself. When the material wears down, the metal piece begins to touch the vehicle’s rotor, making a sound that’s difficult to ignore. Depending on how hard you drive, this sound indicates that you should get your brake pads replaced within the month.

Increased Time to Stop

Sometimes the indicator falls off, or there is no indicator at all. If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop or if your brake pedal travels farther than it used to, it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked.

Increased Pressure Needed

If you notice that you have to press down on your brake pedal harder or that your brakes feel spongy, you could have air in your brake line that will require bleeding.

Any of these symptoms mean that it’s time to visit our shop for an state inspection and possible repair.

Call or Come Visit Us for Brake Repair Service in Chantilly

Life in Northern Virginia can be extremely hard on your brakes. We have harsh winters, humid summers, and terrible stop and go traffic. This combination is a recipe for disaster for your braking system, especially if you’re starting and stopping for hours on end. If your brakes are squealing and winter is approaching, bring your vehicle to Advanced Automotive Inc. for repairs. Our professional team with over 30 years of experience will help get you safely back on the road quickly and efficiently. We offer only the best when it comes to brake repairoil change services, and other car maintenance services.

Please call us on the phone at (703) 952-3221 to set up an appointment for brake experts and auto repairs in Chantilly today. Or stop in! 4007-A, Westfax Dr. Chantilly, VA. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday 8 am to 1 pm.

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