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Understanding Our Mantra — Advanced Automotive

If you’re looking for a complete auto care experience, make sure you visit Advanced Automotive Inc. in either Chantilly or Warrenton, VA. Our ASE Technicians will be able to provide you with the auto care you need. Give us a call at our Chantilly location — (703) 952-3221 — or our Warrenton location — (504) 353-6435 — and schedule an appointment with us today! Or visit our shops at 4007-A Westfax Drive, Chantilly, VA or 655 Industrial Road, Warrenton,VA! All walk-ins welcomed!*

Educated Experts

In order for the Advanced Automotive team to provide our customers with the best auto care experience possible, we need to invest in ourselves. How do we do this? By making a commitment to continued education. We expect all of our technicians to be ASE Certified, but that’s not all. We also encourage them to return to school and become familiar with the latest tools and trends to come out of our industry. Once they’re finished in the classroom, we utilize their knowledge in the garage. Since our shop accepts all makes and models, our technicians must be familiar with a variety of service techniques and vehicle components. We look to repair all vehicles with the best and most up-to-date services, parts, and processes!

We value the experience you have with us and we’ll make sure you’re working with the best auto care professionals available!

People Professionals

At Advanced Automotive, we look to provide our customers with the complete auto care experience. What do we mean by that? We mean making every interaction with you personable, enjoyable, and most importantly — transparent. It all starts with our service experts, who will give you the attentive ear that’s needed to understand your vehicle’s problems. Afterward, our team will inspect your vehicle and determine the situation. Based on what we find, we’ll provide you with the best and most affordable solutions for your vehicle. If those solutions are approved by you, we’ll perform the repair and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what we did and how you can avoid that problem in the future!

A complete auto care experience is more than just a high-quality auto repair. At Advanced Automotive, we make sure you receive the honest, personable, and transparent customer service you deserve!

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