Chantilly Spring is coming hot and fast, so prepare your car with these helpful tips from Chantilly VA auto repair! Winter can do a real number on your car between the salt, slush, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. As we head for warmer weather, giving your car a physical will undo the frosty damage and keep issues at bay.
Don’t underestimate the power of winter on your vehicle. Salt is one of the most damaging side effects of the season, running the risk of erosion, rust, and dents. It’s an important part of winter safety—salt reduces collision by up to 85 percent—but can come at a heavy risk to your vehicle. To maintain and preserve the integrity of your car, check out these helpful tips!


Advanced Automotive can ensure your mechanical system and tires will stand the test of time. Winter runs the potential for cardiac arrest to your vehicle. After succumbing to cold temperatures, tire pressure fluctuates, spark plugs can weaken, fluids thicken, and batteries can die. A thorough inspection will replace all needed fluids and ensure your engine is running properly. Tire rotations evenly distribute wear and tear, which will be very necessary after navigating icy roads. This inexpensive maintenance will preserve your treads and keep everything humming healthily under the hood.

Take advantage of Spring Discounts, Get your Factory Scheduled Maintenance

With that expensive Factory Schedule Maintenance hovering over your, now is a good time take advantage of your Chantilly, VA Auto Repair discounts and promotions. These scheduled maintenance are necessary to maintain the longevity of your Engine, Transmission and overall health of your vehicle — It’s also a chance for your local Chantilly, VA Auto Repair shop to run their multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is prepared for those spring vacations.


It’s time to erase the damage of winter from your vehicle. Thoroughly wash the exterior with a good soap and seal it with a sturdy wax. This will fill in any nicks and protect your paint.

Pay special attention to the underbody, where a build-up of salt, sand, and grime will have accumulated and threaten corrosion. Use a car jack to ensure you get all the nooks and crannies, and consider a car wash with an undercarriage power wash. Soaps and other cleaners are unnecessary.

Pop open the hood and give everything a good rub down with a soft mitt and soapy water. Remove all accumulated leaves and debris, and attack those crusty white residue spots—indicative of corrosion—with baking soda and water. Scrub well around the battery, as this will prepare it for enduring the stress of warmer temperatures.

Clean around the doors with special emphasis on the bottoms and windows to remove the accrued winter grime and any salt or sand that may have worked its way in. Don’t forget to steam clean your carpets to remove similar gunk tracked in on your winter boots.


After all that snow, ice, and slush, your wipers are tired and ready for replacing. Consumer Reports’ Cliff Weathers recommends replacing your wiper blades each spring and fall for optimal usage.