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Keep Your Trucks and Fleet Running!

Your business relies on a well-maintained vehicle fleet. You can’t afford to waste time and money on downtime stemming from broken vehicles.

Stop worrying about downtime and focus on running your business. Advanced Automotive offers proactive, top-quality fleet maintenance and auto repair services in Chantilly and Warrenton. Our team of expert technicians decreases your downtime and maintenance costs and keeps your fleet running.


Complete Range of Fleet Services in Chantilly & Warrenton, VA

At Advanced Automotive, we’re dedicated to offering you a reliable, full-service fleet maintenance solution. We provide a complete range of comprehensive fleet services that our team can tailor and fit precisely to your needs.

Our fleet services include:

  • General fleet maintenance service
  • Fleet brake service
  • Transmission maintenance and repair
  • Fleet exhaust system services
  • Engine services
  • Fleet vehicle inspection and diagnostics
  • Virginia State Inspection
  • Personalized fleet service consultation

Advanced Automotive — A+ Rated Fleet Service Provider

  • Fast and reliable fleet services
  • Fleet maintenance services for all vehicle makes and models
  • 100% FREE courtesy check with every brake repair
  • 12,000-mile warranty on all fleet services
  • A+ rated customer service


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Get the Fleet Services You Can Trust

Advanced Automotive has served both corporate and individual customers in Chantilly and Warrenton, VA, for more than 35 years. We understand the complexities of fleet management and the immense impact even a single out-of-commission vehicle can cause.

This is why our team is dedicated to providing proactive fleet vehicle maintenance that prevents breakdowns and keeps your fleet running. With our approach and expertise, we identify potential risks before they can become real problems.

Our goal is to keep your vehicle fleet running at peak performance so you can save money on operating costs and avoidable vehicle repairs. Stop worrying about large logistical travel operations or diagnostic issues. Let us take care of them so that you can concentrate on what really matters.

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We Service Every Truck and Fleet Vehicle

Your business may have a preferred vehicle make and model. Advanced Automotive doesn’t. We offer the same high-quality service to every car, truck, or another vehicle you bring to us.

Our ASE-certified technicians are well-equipped to handle individual cars as well as corporate fleets. We perform a wide range of auto repairs, from routine maintenance such as oil and filter changes to more specialized repairs, like transmission and exhaust system services.

We encourage our technicians to constantly continue their training and education. You can rest assured that we use the latest state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and technologies when servicing your vehicle fleet.

High-Quality Fleet Maintenance Service — GUARANTEED

You can’t operate your fleet comfortably unless you know it’s in top condition. At Advanced Automotive, all of our fleet services and parts are 100% guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

We believe reliability is paramount to effective vehicle fleet operation. That’s why we have designed our corporate services around delivering dependable advice, convenience, and trust.

Our customers have rewarded us for our excellent repair and customer service. We proudly hold an A+ BBB rating and Angie’s List Super Service Award.

100% Free Courtesy Check & Honest Advice

Advanced Automotive offers a 100% free courtesy check with every repair service. This complimentary service is a crucial part of our mission to provide the most reliable and trustworthy fleet services you can get.

Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect all of your vehicle’s parts and systems as part of our routine service. If we discover any existing or emerging issues, we will explain to you in detail what we’ve found and how we can repair the problem. This all comes with a cost-free estimate.

But the goal of our courtesy inspection service isn’t to push you into a sale. As your trusted fleet service provider, we simply want to help you understand the condition of your fleet so you can make the right choices for your business.

And if you need more help in deciding what to do, we offer personalized consulting services. Build a fleet maintenance program that fulfills your needs.

Licensed Towing When You Need It

Should you need towing to bring a broken vehicle in for service, we can help you. We provide towing service in Chantilly and Warrenton locations. We also provide emergency, long-haul, and insurance towing.

Our tow truck operators are fully licensed and insured and understand the importance of prompt service. When you need your fleet vehicles towed, just call Advanced Automotive.


How Often Do Your Fleet Vehicles Need Maintenance?

In general, you should bring every commercial vehicle in your fleet in for an inspection and tune-up every 5,000 miles or once a month, whichever comes first. The vehicles may not need extensive monthly repairs, but the inspection will discover any small issues or damage that could result in problems later.

Additionally, each of your commercial vehicles needs a comprehensive maintenance service every 10,000-20,000 miles or once a year.

Your fleet’s maintenance frequency depends on a wide range of factors. Things that can affect your vehicles’ lifespans include:

  • Their make and model
  • Driven distances
  • Vehicle age
  • Cargo weight

For manufacturer-recommended service schedules, check your vehicles’ owner’s manuals. Advanced Automotive can help you develop a robust fleet maintenance and service plan based on manufacturer recommendations.

Keep Your Northern Virginia Fleet Moving

Advanced Automotive is a local, full-service car repair and maintenance shop. As such, we know the weather and driving conditions in northern Virginia and understand the rigors your fleet vehicles go through. With our unparalleled technical expertise and local knowledge, Advanced Automotive provides the fleet services you need to minimize downtime and maximize cost savings in vehicle maintenance.

Stop worrying about the condition of your fleet. Let us keep your vehicles running so you can concentrate on more important matters.