Shift into the Seasons: Fall Part 1

Like our customers, our cars have seasonal repairs that we have to deal with throughout the year. We want to be a resource for our Advanced Automotive family. That is why we are starting a seasonal maintenance repair series so when something in your car changes with the season, you will know why. Did you know that when Fall starts your vehicle is more likely to have issues with its air suspension? If you got your car in the last decade, you likely have an air suspension system in it. But what is an air suspension system?

Have you ever gotten into a car and it feels like one side of the car is taller than the other? This is part of what an air suspension system does. Air suspension systems replace coil springs in our cars with air springs. The air springs can mimic the coil springs but make the vehicle ride smoother and more responsive. With time, these systems have gotten less simple so it is imperative to have a licensed and trained technician help you with yours. Our technicians at Advanced Automotive have years of experience and can keep you safe on the roads today and in the future. Air suspension systems are more likely to need repairs after travelling. This explains why it is the top seasonal repair after summer. Most issues with air suspension systems come from them not being installed correctly or maintained. Air suspension systems need to be airtight to work.  

Our technicians can assess situations promptly while being able to repair most cars on the same day. Before deciding to travel, have your air suspension or conventional suspension inspected for safety. We recommend to always consult a licensed technician and have an inspection done on the vehicle. While air suspension systems have a lot of pros and cons, it is something that we here at Advanced Automotive want to help you with.