Do I need to get my AC system fixed?

If you can’t stand the hot summer days, you’ll want to hear our tips on maintaining your car’s air conditioning system and what to do when it starts to malfunction. AC System repairs are one of the many services we offer at Advanced Automotive. We want to share with everyone some of the science behind A C systems and how we can help you here at Advanced Automotive.

When the AC system in your vehicle is blowing cold air on one side and warm air on the other or the air smells a bit off, do you:

1) ignore it and roll down the windows or

2) go into panic mode about what needs repaired and how much it will cost

AC system repairs can get pricey and they can be confusing if you don’t know how the system functions. Advanced Automotive is here to help you with honest advice and quality service. Next time you come into the shop, you will sound like a pro!

The #1 Cause of AC System Problems 

Refrigerant is often referred to by the brand name Freon, and if the refrigerant/Freon is low, it’s time for an AC recharge. Not having a fully charged system is the number one cause of problems for most AC systems. We are constantly seeing customers come in with this exact issue.

Recharge / Repair It

Topping off your AC with a can or two of Freon is not the way to go. An Advanced Automotive technician is obligated by Federal law to find and repair any AC system leaks. By adding more Freon into the system rather than repairing it can cause more issues than you begin with.

What’s That Smell? 

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter is usually located beneath the glove box. This filter grabs all the junk as seen in the photos


Quick Maintenance Tips to Help Your Car’s AC Go the Extra Mile

When you first get in the car on a hot day, lower all the windows for a few seconds to give the hot air a chance to evacuate. This lessens the load on the evaporator and quickens the time it takes to hit your desired temperature.

Turn your AC off before you turn off the engine. Leaving the AC on will put an extra load on the battery the next time you start it. Wait until the engine is running and the power is coming from the alternator before turning on the air.

Run your AC once a month for 10 minutes even in the winter time. Running the system will eliminate any moisture that has formed in the lines.

Repairing your AC system, even just recharging the Freon, is best left to a professional. Find a trusted mechanic, book online with Advanced Automotive.

For a limited time, we will replace your cabin air filter and clean out your system with an AC repair or automotive repair. Check out our auto repair shop in Chantilly and Warrenton