Why Does My Car Need Transmission Repair?

Your car’s transmission is the powerhouse behind what makes your car move. Thinking of it as an automatic gear shifter, this component of the car is responsible for making sure the right power goes into your wheels at any given time. Whether you have a manual or an automatic car, you will need to invest in transmission repair at some point in time. But how will you know that your transmission is on its last legs? Here are some warning signs.

Shifting gears is a hassle
In simple terms, your transmission is where everything is connected. If you are having problems with shifting, then it is almost a surefire sign your transmission needs some repair. But what exactly does “problems with shifting” really mean? Some red flags include hesitation when shifting, falling out of gear, having problems clicking the gear into place, and/or sudden jerking when going from gear to gear.

All types of weird sounds
Generally speaking, your car should never be making sounds. If you hear a grinding, whining, buzzing, clanking, or sounds that are abnormally loud when you are stuck in neutral, there is most likely a problem. Feeling a vibration is also never good news.

Black, burnt, or cloudy transmission fluid
Normal transmission fluid is transparent, red, and has a distinct, sweet smell to it. If it ever looks dark, opaque, and/or smells burnt, this is a sign you need some car maintenance. A clue that something is off? Smelling something burnt the minute you exit your car — chances are that is the transmission fluids. In fact, a full nine out of 10 automatic transmission failures are a result of transmission contamination and overheating, so this is an incredibly common problem to have.

Fluid leaking
Of course, any fluid leaking out of your car is a sure sign there will be some auto repair in the future. But, if you notice leaking and the smell is sweet or burning, chances are this is your transmission fluid leaking and not gasoline.

If you ignore the need for transmission repair for too long, you can compromise the efficiency and longevity of your car. Think you need a professional to give your transmission a good check? Come on down to our auto repair Chantilly shop today.