Reliable Auto Transmission Repair Services in Chantilly, VA

Avoid Costly Repairs With Regular Transmission Service in Chantilly. 

Advanced Automotive Inc. is your best choice for fast, friendly and dependable transmission service in Chantilly, VA. We specialize in transmission repair for all types of vehicles. We offer high quality maintenance and repair for both manual and automatic transmissions.

When serviced regularly, your transmission should provide you with dependable service for the entire life of your vehicle. Despite what most people believe, it is much less expensive to service and maintain your transmission than it is your vehicle’s engine.

Transmission fluids have special additives that aid in reducing wear. Heat causes these additives to break down. Over time, the transmission fluid becomes contaminated with clutch materials and microscopic metal particles. The additive breakdown combined with contamination cause premature wear, shortening the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

Today, most transmissions use electronics to improve mileage and special lubricants to help them last longer. Even though these fluids are more expensive, they do a much better job in computer controlled transmissions. Routine services are generally recommended every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

From manual to automatic transmission repair, Advanced Automotive Inc. in Chantilly, Virginia knows how to fix the problem. Our knowledgeable and ASE Certified auto mechanics are here to guide you through the sometimes hectic process of repairing or replacing your car’s transmission.

Exceptional Service and Repair

Our technicians can perform a hands-on inspection of your transmission and vehicle to determine the problem you are experiencing. They are well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and years of experience. They can efficiently diagnose your vehicle, no matter how old or new.

Even small issues that seem insignificant can be a sign that something far more serious is going on. If your vehicle is experiencing abnormal shifting, unusual noises, the inability to move forward or in reverse, leaking fluids or overall poor performance, it’s time for a transmission check-up.

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