Without Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Road Emergency Could Happen To You

Drive the car. Park the car. Scrape the ice of the windshield of the car. Drive the car. Take the car to your Chantilly VA auto repair center for an oil change. Drive the car. Park the car. Wash the car. Drive the car… You understand where I’m going with this.

Most people don’t give even a second thought to the factory-scheduled maintenance every automaker recommends be performed on its vehicles. And of the ones who DO think about it, many of them put off these tasks or avoid them altogether in an effort to save time or money. The power of the almighty dollar, but here’s the thing: missing out on necessary preventive maintenance is often more expensive in the long run, and occasionally downright dangerous.

Think it can’t happen to you?

Keep up with factory scheduled maintenance, or else:

The transmission could fail.

A leak, clogged lines, or a dirty filter are quite common in the keep and care of transmissions, and relatively easy to diagnose and repair — when drivers stick to regular maintenance schedules. Left untreated, however, minor troubles such as these can turn into big problems, leading to transmission failure and causing the vehicle to overheat and break down.

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The brakes may fail.

The thought alone is terrifying. In stop and go traffic on the Beltway at rush hour; you depress the right pedal, but CRASH. You hit the car ahead of you because your brakes just failed. You’re both okay, but take a second to imagine what could have happened differently. Don’t skip it; have your brakes checked regularly.

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The engine could catch on fire.

Billows of smoke pour from underneath the hood as your car slows to a stop. When an engine is left without maintenance too long, the risk of developing a leak multiplies. Gasses that escape from this fissure come into contact with sparks from firing pistons, etc. and what results is fire or worse. Less explosive but equally damaging, low oil volume or a clogged oil filter overtax the engine’s capabilities and may cause it to seize up or break down.

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The heater might stop working.

In February in Chantilly VA; or Warrenton at that, these are not words anyone wants to hear. A car with no heater is not one anybody wants to drive. BRR. Yes, even in the wintertime, it’s important to maintain your air conditioner. Ensure proper coolant levels, and have your belts and hoses inspected regularly. Compressor belts get worn out; filters get clogged; motors overheat; and drivers are left out in the cold, but it doesn’t have to be you:

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