Hybrid Car Repair

Hybrid cars emit less to even no greenhouse gases, travel on less fuel and reduces your dependence on oil. Hybrid cars can produce 90 percent less pollutants than comparable non-hybrid cars. Most people who are looking for an alternative to the conventional vehicle and for better fuel efficiency will turn to the hybrid cars. Many hybrid cars have a gas efficiency that is double that of conventional gasoline-only models, which provides a significant cost savings for the user. And additionally, hybrid vehicle cars tend to be less polluting during use. Most companies that build hybrid vehicle cars are environmentally conscious and work hard to build a clean vehicle that burns less fuel. And many jurisdictions give owners of hybrid cars special incentives, such as tax breaks and permission to use carpool lanes on highways.


The Hybrid is the most conservative purchase, as bugs have been worked out and mechanics know how to fix them. The Toyota Prius was developed in 1997 and The Honda insight came to the U.S. in 1999. They operate essentially like a conventional car and drive basically the same. They have an internal combustion engine so the maintenance is virtually the same. But an important maintenance rule with Hybrids: Don’t be late with tire rotations! The electric engine creates more torque than a gasoline engine and can wear out tires faster. If you stay up on routine maintenance it will extend the life and preserve the resale value of your hybrid.

A question that comes up very often is: Does it cost more to maintain a hybrid? The answer is no. Hybrids differ little from regular vehicles when it comes to routine maintenance items. Other than the systems that control the on-board storage batteries and the additional electric motor, routine maintenance for hybrids follows pretty much lock step with your father’s Oldsmobile. But even better is that the hybrid is designed to shut off their internal combustion engines and operate on their electric under certain conditions such as low speed and cruising. Therefore the wear and tear to hybrids engines will be less. And due to the regenerative braking systems you will need to maintain brake components less frequently.

So who should you go to maintenance a hybrid? It is important to find an hybrid auto repair mechanic who specializes in Hybrid cars due to the fact that one of its two major propulsion power sources is electric. It keeps a charge in a bank of batteries and charge their batteries by using regeneration energy that was captured during braking. The Hybrid cars switch between using their combustion engine and their battery power. For example, if little demand is being put on the engine the car may switch to electric using no gas altogether. Therefore, it is important to find a mechanic who understands how the hybrid’s wear and tear may differ and also is trained to work with the battery or electric component of the vehicle. Overall, on an Angie’s List service providers poll it was agreed that maintenance and repair costs for hybrids cost less on average than that of traditional fuel vehicles. The big reason is because most components don’t require regular maintenance, like a standard transmission or power steering. The regenerative braking system in hybrids also requires fewer brake pad changes.

Most important factor in maintaining your hybrid is to find a technician who specializes in hybrid repair before you need one. Our local hybrid cars repair shop located in Chantilly Va. has mechanics that are certified. And never work on the electrical system yourself, leave the electrical and battery repairs to the professionals who are trained to work with those deadly, high-voltage components.

Two of the main tips to take away from this would be 1) Find an auto mechanic who specializes in Hybrid cars and 2) You can check the transmission fluid, check spark plugs and fuel and air filters but anything deeper does take a specialized mechanic as the both the combustion and electric engines work together so closely that diagnoses and auto service needs to be left to the professionals.

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