You Might Be Ready for Summer Travel…But is your Car?

It’s time for the family road trip, you are all packed and ready to enjoy a beautiful time together. The last thing anyone would want is car trouble. Can you imagine? It’s hot, miserable, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and your family and you are stranded on the side of a 100+ degree interstate? Not fun and certainly not the way you want to begin a vacation. One of the best things to do before any long road trip is to have a pre-trip vehicle check to get your car ready for the long haul. As important as it is to pack your sunscreen, car maintenance before a long trip is just, if not more.

The Car Care Council recommends the following pre-trip checklist before beginning your journey:
1) Make sure brakes are working properly and fluids are at the right level. You need to be sure you can stop quickly and efficiently.
2) Look at your belts and hoses to see if there are cracks or have become corroded as they are important to the functioning of the electrical system.
3) Check tires for proper inflation, this can reduce fuel economy and wheel alignment if uneven. Also check for bulges and bald spots.
4) Inspect your fluids such as windshield wiper, coolant/antifreeze, oil, and transmission.
5) Make sure your filters are clean because they can damage your engine.
6) Have your brake and battery connection checked. Every year your battery becomes corroded, so it is important to check that the connections are in proper working order.
7) Check that gas cap is not damaged or loose.
8) Replace windshield wipers, just in case there is a rainstorm.
9) Flush your radiator once a year. If the fluid becomes dirty the radiator itself will begin to corrode.

Having this pre-road trip check done at your local auto service will ensure safe and happy travels. It is important to acknowledge the wear a long road trip can do to your car. If your vehicle is in the best condition beforehand, not only will you have a worry and trouble-free experience but any wear and tear will be minimal leaving your stress about any possible long-term damage far behind you. Bon Voyage!!

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