Dead car battery in the summer?

When you think of your car’s battery, most think of the cold winter’s low temperatures compromising its life. But the truth is, the summer’s high heat can really do even more damage. Actually, it can kill your battery 33% faster than the winter chill. So it is important to have your car’s electrical system and battery checked by your professional auto mechanic at least every six months.

As you enter into the summer season, the effects the summer heat can have on your car and its battery are numerous. When the temperatures rise, your battery’s strength decrease. First, the heat can speed up the chemical reaction in the battery causing it to be overcharged which can significantly reduce battery life. [source: FleetPro] Also the summer heat can cause evaporation of the battery fluids leading to breakdown of its terminals and connections. You will need to have the corrosion cleaned away to make sure that the connections are tight and secure.

Furthermore, when the temperature outside reaches 90 degrees the temperature under your hood can feel like 150 degrees, so look under your hood. If the battery looks like it is damaged, leaking or bulging in any way, have it replaced immediately. Checking the fluids and the battery insides yourself can be very risky, and there are only certain types of batteries that should be pried open, so it is best to have a professional do it.
If your battery is more than three years old, have it tested by a repair shop. Most will do it for free and make sure the person doing it is a certified, trained professional. And be careful, overcharging a battery can be just as devastating to a battery as undercharging.
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