Brake Pad Replacement Coupons

Brake pads are a crucial component of your vehicle that are normal wear items; they create the necessary friction that helps to stop your car when pressed against the brake rotor. Unfortunately, brake pads lose their effectiveness over time.

Thin brake pads can’t generate heat caused by friction, decreasing their ability to help stop your vehicle. Without regular brake service, your pads could be running thin without you noticing. Replacing brake pads can be expensive, which is why we’re giving you a brake pad replacement coupon that can help you save money while staying safe on the road.

Don’t wait until your car starts squealing when you stop, or the brakes become less functional. With proper car maintenance, you can ensure the effectiveness of your car’s brake system and improve the safety of your vehicle. Clip a coupon now and bring it in to our auto shop for hassle-free service.



$25 OFF

*per axle – requires pad and rotor replacement or pad and rotor resurface


Valid until 06/30/22