Satisfied AAA Customer

I have always contacted Triple A when I was dissatisfied with a service, so now I am conacting you to tell you about truly exceptional Triple A road service.
Within 10 minutes of having contacted Triple A to request road service several weeks ago in February, Tim Region contacted me to let me know they were on their way with a tow truck. He was very pleasant, and receiving a call that rapidly was the ultimate in responsiveness. Within 20 minutes, Tim and his co-worker, Al Spiller, both from Advanced Automotive, Inc had arrived. They were completely prepared to tow the car, and had provided for the very low ceiling in the parking plaza. Needless to say, I was impressed.
After Al Spiller pulled open the hood to see why the car would not start (they thought it might be a dead battery), he noticed immediately that a crucial hose was disconnected. He promptly took care of this and told me to start up the car. The car has worked great since then, and I am so appreciative for such outstanding service that I wanted to bring this shop to your attention. If all of Triple A’s tow truck services provide the same quality of service, Triple A will have no end of members.
Please express my appreciation to the manager, Donnie Scott, for such outstanding personnel.
-P.A. Dargan