Why Choose Mechanic Service over Dealership Service

This question is so frequently asked by car owners and oftentimes is not easy to answer as not every dealer and repair shop is made equal. As cars become increasingly more technically savvy, many would believe their dealer to be the expert on the parts needed and the equipment used. Sure, this might be true, and there once was a time that the dealership was your only option. But that’s not so anymore. As competition for work and maintenance on newer cars increases, your Chantilly auto repair shop has stepped up to the plate; we’re training our employees and updating our equipment, and soon you’ll see:

It’s more cost effective to have routine preventive maintenance procedures performed by an independent repair shop than the dealership.

AutoMD.com, which is owned by U.S. Auto Parts Network, an auto parts supplier, collected data last year from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Federal Highway Administration and the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. Car owners who went to dealers for repairs spent an average of $1,209 a year versus $903 for those who used independent repair shops. A definite drawback to using the dealership, other than the expense, was explained through an article at AOLautos.com. In this article the author did extensive research on the subject of dealer vs. independent repair shop and came to the conclusion that the flat rate the dealerships pay their technicians can cause many to be quota driven and may compete with other techs for the easier job or cut corners to get the work done faster.

Your Chantilly VA auto repair shop is also more trustworthy.

Meet us, get to know us, work with the same person every time you visit Advanced Automotive. We know our customers’ vehicle history, and also their children’s names, and how they take their coffee. This simply isn’t so in a dealership setting; here we want to develop a personal, long term relationship that brings with it a sense of trust and camaraderie. Plus, as your local Chantilly auto repair shop, our automotive technicians are familiar with the ins and outs of all makes and models, not just the newest and most trendy. Advanced Automotive is always prepared to take on auto repairs of any size, no matter how simple or complex — all in the name of making long-term, repeat, and satisfied customers.