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Finding a reliable Dulles auto repair shop is necessary to ensure that your car receives the proper maintenance it needs. After all, keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule can help prevent the need for costly repairs that can come from the wear-and-tear of the engine and other components.

At Advanced Automotive, we understand how important it is to get auto repair right the first time. This is why we’re your best bet.

Local Auto Repair Shop in Dulles, VA

Providing service to Dulles residents, Advanced Automotive is an auto repair business with a team of ASE-certified technicians. With years of training from doing simple oil change to various repairs, we want to provide great customer service and ensure that our clients have a great car care experience.

We’ll take care of everything under the hood. Our friendly and professional staff will always get the job done. Set an appointment and come into our service center for a quick inspection for a free quote. Anyone is welcome!

Our store hours are from. 8 AM to 6 PM from Mondays to Fridays, and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays. If you want an honest and reliable auto service, contact us at our phone number (703-802-0688) today!

Chantilly Auto Repair

Trusted and Family-Owned Dulles Auto Repair Service

At Advanced Automotive, we work hard to gain more years out of your car. This is why our team offers a range of maintenance and repair services for all your needs.

Auto Brake Repair Services

Over time, an indicator on the brake’s padding will touch your vehicle’s rotor, causing a squealing noise that signals the need for replacement. This is completely normal, as brakes need maintenance from time to time.

Dulles’ climate, however, can take a toll on our brakes. With hot summers and harsh winters, along with the deadly traffic we experience, the brakes on our vehicle might need a little more care and maintenance than most. This is why we offer auto brake repair service that take of the whole system:.

Tire and Wheel Alignment Services

Tire maintenance is a must. If your tires are misaligned, the chances of an accident go up. This is why every year, you should get your tires checked to ensure you’re always safe on the road wherever you are in Dulles.

Our ASE-certified staff will check the camber, toe, and caster angles when inspecting your tire system. We do more than that, however. Our tire and wheel alignment service also comes with the following:

Auto Transmission Repair Services

When it comes to your car’s transmission, utmost care is needed. This is because it’s one of the most complicated parts of a car, needing transmission fluid and well-maintained parts to keep going. Fortunately, the certified technicians at our Dulles auto service center have the necessary know-how to keep your transmission in its best shape.

Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, we’ll give you the service you need. From the get-go, we’ll diagnose the problem and provide you with a free quote before attempting to fix it. From there, you can make the best decision for you and your car before we conduct any necessary repairs.

Lube and Oil Change Services

Our Dulles auto service provides simple oil changes for your regular maintenance needs. Having your oil changed after every few 5,000 to 7,500 miles will help keep your vehicle operating smoothly and for the long haul.

Our oil change service also comes with a free courtesy check. We’ll inspect your car to see if you have any other issues that might need fixing.

Car AC Repair Services

In Dulles, our summers average 86°F while our winters get down to 22°F—which is why it’s crucial to ensure our AC is always in its best shape. This is so that we can avoid overheating during a hot summer, and melt snow off our windshield on cold days.

Here are a few situations where you might need to come into the shop for an AC repair or checkup:

Towing Services

Experiencing your car break down in the middle of a lonely street or getting stranded due to an accident is a hassle. Fortunately, Advanced Automotive is here to help. Our truck operators are fully licensed and insured, and we’re considered the highest-rated AAA towing service for any local in Northern Virginia.

We offer the following towing services for Dulles residents:

Even better, we provide free towing services for any individual within 10 miles of Chantilly and Warrenton. Now you can feel secure driving around Dulles and the rest of Virginia knowing that we at Advanced Automotive have your back.

Why Choose Dulles’s Car Maintenance and Repair Experts

We at Advanced Automotive understand how car maintenance can be a chore and sometimes hard to comprehend. This is why we offer top-notch customer service—it’s in our mantra: Honest Advice, Quality Service. Our Dulles auto shop provides any car service you need, from a simple oil change to a complicated AC repair, we’ve got your back.

Our store hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM from Mondays to Fridays, and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays. To make it easier for our clients, we also accepted Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards to ensure transactions go smoothly. Get in touch with an ASE-certified technician today and get a free quote.

If you’re interested in getting honest and quality service, head on over to our shop or contact us at our phone number (703-802-0688) today!