Speedometer Calibration


Your vehicle’s speedometer measures the number of driveshaft revolutions per mile, which is displayed on your dash as speed in miles per hour. When you make certain changes to your vehicle, you change the ratio between the numbers of driveshaft revolution per mile. The speedometer must be calibrated to accurately reflect these changes. Advanced Automotive Inc. can help. We offer fast, friendly car speedometer calibration services in Chantilly, VA.

Most vehicles on the road have speedometers that are reading 1-3 mph off. Even brand new cars and luxury cars can have inaccurate speedometers. Changing gear ratio or tire size can lead to an inaccurate speedometer. Reckless driving around with an incorrect speedometer calibration can be dangerous and could earn you a speeding ticket.

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The Particulars

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        • Average wait time 30~40 min – Our goal is to minimize waiting times, and on average, clients can expect a wait of approximately 30 to 40 minutes before receiving assistance.
        • 2 notarized copies for court – To comply with court requirements, it is essential to bring along two notarized copies of the relevant documents. This step ensures that all necessary paperwork is properly prepared and submitted to the court.
        • Flat Rate: $100.00 – We provide our services at a fixed and transparent cost of $100.00. This flat rate ensures that our clients know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing and helps them plan their budget accordingly.


If you have recently received a speeding ticket that you believe is incorrect, you might want to consider having your speedometer calibrated. If we find that your speedometer is inaccurate, you can use that information in traffic court. You’ll leave our shop with 2 Notarized Copies of our Calibration Report

If your speedometer reads low, you might be able to argue that your inaccurate speedometer is at least partly to blame for your speeding ticket. Make sure your speedometer calibration can also be useful if you wish to prove that you looked at your speedometer and you know that you were not speeding. In this case, a speedometer certificate can prove that your speedometer was in fact correct.


Having a faulty speedometer can put you in a variety of bad situations. You need to be able to trust your speedometer when driving in adverse conditions such as heavy rain or snow. In school zones you need to be able to accurately watch your actual speed to ensure the safety of everyone around you.
We can help correct your speedometer problem, no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. Our ASE certified technicians have experience with all different makes and models of speedometers.

Stop by Advanced Automotive Inc. in Chantilly, VA today for a vehicle speedo calibration service. You never need an appointment and we will provide you with two certified notarized copies of your calibration to present in court.


At Advanced Automotive, we offer accurate speedometer calibration services to ensure your vehicle’s speedometer provides reliable and precise readings. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to calibrate your speedometer accurately. Whether your speedometer is displaying inaccurate readings due to tire size changes, modifications, or electronic issues, our calibration services will restore its accuracy.

A properly calibrated speedometer is essential for maintaining compliance with legal speed limits, ensuring safe driving conditions, and avoiding potential fines. Trust our expert team to deliver precise speedometer calibration services, allowing you to have confidence in your vehicle’s speed readings on every journey.