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You Might Be Ready for Summer Travel…But is your Car?

It’s time for the family road trip, you are all packed and ready to enjoy a beautiful time together. The last thing anyone would want is car trouble. Can you imagine? It’s hot, miserable, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and your family and you are stranded on the side of a 100+ degree interstate? Not fun and certainly not the way you want to begin a vacation. One of the best things to do before any long road trip is to have a pre-trip vehicle check to get your car ready for the long haul. As important as it is to pack your…

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Hybrid Car Repair

Hybrid cars emit less to even no greenhouse gases, travel on less fuel and reduces your dependence on oil. Hybrid cars can produce 90 percent less pollutants than comparable non-hybrid cars. Most people who are looking for an alternative to the conventional vehicle and for better fuel efficiency will turn to the hybrid cars. Many hybrid cars have a gas efficiency that is double that of conventional gasoline-only models, which provides a significant cost savings for the user. And additionally, hybrid vehicle cars tend to be less polluting during use. Most companies that build hybrid vehicle cars are environmentally conscious…

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What to do when your check engine light goes on in Chantilly

Many people have experienced this all too familiar scenario… Your driving in Chantilly Va. traffic home with hungry, cranky kids in the pouring rain and what happens? Suddenly you see the bright colors of the check engine light pop on. Your heart begins to beat faster, your palms are sweating, should you pull over? Should you wait, go home and ignore? What if it’s serious? What if it’s not? What should you do? What could it mean? If you’re anything like me, I would like to hear from a knowledgeable expert the best thing to do at that moment and…

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Dear Mr. Scott, it is my pleasure to write you this letter to inform you of the excellent service that was provided by your employee, Mr. Al Spiller. His courtesy and attitude went along way for me today. Al came out to my place of business to change a tire for AAA. Today was freezing cold and windy and Al had nothing but a smile on his face. He was one of the most helpful service technicians I have encountered in my life. It is people like this that provide your company with a good name. For what it’s worth,…

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Snow Storm Rescue

On January 26, 2011, we had the worst snow storm this winter. My car had broken down around 5:15pm, during the height of the storm, on the corner of Westfields and Walney. I immediately called AAA for assistance. The traffic was so backed up because it was snowing so hard and people were stuck on the hill there by the creek. AAA called me back and told me that they would send someone but all they would be able to do was push me off the road and I would have to get someone else to take me to a…

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Satisfied AAA Customer

I have always contacted Triple A when I was dissatisfied with a service, so now I am conacting you to tell you about truly exceptional Triple A road service. Within 10 minutes of having contacted Triple A to request road service several weeks ago in February, Tim Region contacted me to let me know they were on their way with a tow truck. He was very pleasant, and receiving a call that rapidly was the ultimate in responsiveness. Within 20 minutes, Tim and his co-worker, Al Spiller, both from Advanced Automotive, Inc had arrived. They were completely prepared to tow…

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