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Dear Mr. Scott, it is my pleasure to write you this letter to inform you of the excellent service that was provided by your employee, Mr. Al Spiller.

His courtesy and attitude went along way for me today. Al came out to my place of business to change a tire for AAA. Today was freezing cold and windy and Al had nothing but a smile on his face. He was one of the most helpful service technicians I have encountered in my life. It is people like this that provide your company with a good name.

For what it’s worth, I am writing this letter to commend Mr. Spiller’s attitude and professionalism. Thank you again Al for the help!
-Tim K.

On January 26, 2011, we had the worst snow storm this winter. My car had broken down around 5:15pm, during the height of the storm, on the corner of Westfields and Walney. I immediately called AAA for assistance. The traffic was so backed up because it was snowing so hard and people were stuck on the hill there by the creek. AAA called me back and told me that they would send someone but all they would be able to do was push me off the road and I would have to get someone else to take me to a hotel because the weather was so bad. I told her that I lived in Silver Spring, MD and no one would be able to do that.

About ½ hour later, Brian called me on my cell phone. He asked me how I was doing and told me that he and Adam were on their way but the traffic was really bad and I was stuck on a 2 lane road. Three and a half hours later, Brian and Adam arrived to help. They had parked the tow truck and came in their personal vehicle to help me. They immediately got me into their truck while they worked to get my car started. One of them drove it almost up the hill (that everyone was stuck on) and they tied on a rope to pull the car the rest of the way. During the 3 ½ hours it took for them to arrive, they called me twice to make sure I was alright and to let me know they were still coming.

I am extremely grateful that these two individuals, angels, came to my rescue. Your company is very lucky to have these two dedicated people working for you!! Thank you both again so much!!!
-Linda C.

I have always contacted Triple A when I was dissatisfied with a service, so now I am conacting you to tell you about truly exceptional Triple A road service.

Within 10 minutes of having contacted Triple A to request road service several weeks ago in February, Tim Region contacted me to let me know they were on their way with a tow truck. He was very pleasant, and receiving a call that rapidly was the ultimate in responsiveness. Within 20 minutes, Tim and his co-worker, Al Spiller, both from Advanced Automotive, Inc had arrived. They were completely prepared to tow the car, and had provided for the very low ceiling in the parking plaza. Needless to say, I was impressed.

After Al Spiller pulled open the hood to see why the car would not start (they thought it might be a dead battery), he noticed immediately that a crucial hose was disconnected. He promptly took care of this and told me to start up the car. The car has worked great since then, and I am so appreciative for such outstanding service that I wanted to bring this shop to your attention. If all of Triple A’s tow truck services provide the same quality of service, Triple A will have no end of members.

Please express my appreciation to the manager, Donnie Scott, for such outstanding personnel.
-P.A. Dargan

Al, I appreciate your help on Monday when my Acura tire blew out on Fairfax County Parkway. I was so fortunate that you arrived so quickly and that you were so efficient and polite. I also called AAA and told them that your service was outstanding. Thanks again.
-Cheryl G.