Hybrid Maintenance and Repair

hybrid car repair

A hybrid vehicles is more than your everyday average automobile. They require specialized care in order to stay in good working order. Specialized tools and training are necessary to properly diagnose and repair hybrid vehicles. Only a qualified mechanic should service your hybrid vehicle. Advanced Automotive Inc. in Chantilly, VA has the proper tools and specialized training to make sure that your vehicle runs safely and smoothly.

Hybrid vehicles require regular maintenance.

hybrid car

Since hybrid vehicles have many of the same components as other vehicles, they require the same regularly scheduled maintenance. This includes regular oil and air filter changes. However, the oil used in hybrid vehicles does not need to be changed as frequently. This is because the electrical side of the car takes some of the load off of the engine.

Hybrid car technicians are specially trained to deal with hybrid vehicles. Hybrid cars have different braking systems, cooling systems and batteries than other types of cars. Our hybrid car specialists know exactly which parts to replace and when. This is extremely important since changing the wrong parts can cause damage to your vehicle. Using a specially trained hybrid mechanic can save you a lot of money on future repairs.

Safe and Effective Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to hybrid vehicles, safety should always be a top priority. A mechanic that does not know how the vehicle works could easily mix up the wiring system, putting your life and theirs at risk. Even a near dead car battery can cause fatal accidents. Our skilled hybrid specialists understand the high voltage system in hybrid vehicles. They know how to properly repair your vehicle without putting themselves or you in danger.

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