Chantilly Tires

Tire Repair and Replacement Services

Over time and with normal wear-and-tear, your tires become worn down. This can be dangerous when driving in wet conditions, at high speeds or on uneven pavement, and can lead to tire blow-outs or wrecks.


At Advanced Automotive, we provide new tires to customers in Chantilly, Warrenton and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in being Northern Virginia’s Highest Rated AAA Service Center.


When YOU need Tires, Call Advanced Automotive

Knowing when you need new tires is half the battle. Replacing your vehicles tires can be nerve racking and quite expensive. At Advanced Automotive, you can be assured that our knowledgable Service Advisors will recommend the most affordable, yet quality tires on the market. All of our tires come with a 100% Full Replacement Factory Warranty.

Our ASE certified technicians are well equipped to handle individual cars as well as corporate fleets. We perform a wide range of auto repair services from routine maintenance such as oil changes and filter changes to more specialized repairs like transmission and exhaust system services. When you bring your vehicle to Advanced Automotive Inc. you can be certain that we will get the work done right and as quickly as possible.

Do I need Tires?

    • Sidewall cracking
    • Discoloration
    • Uneven tread
    • Uneven tread wear
    • Bulges
    • Cuts or Gashes


  • When Driving you experience:
    • Vibration
    • Shaking
    • Humming
    • Wobbling
    • Sliding
    • Hydroplaning