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Keeping safe on the road is of utmost importance to you, and everyone else that you are driving with. At Advanced Automotive, it’s our job to keep you safe when you are driving, whether it’s personal or for business.

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Did you know that if you’re issued a speeding ticket, you may be able to fight it with a speedometer calibration? If we find that your speedometer is not accurate, often times this is taken into consideration in traffic court.

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Speedometer Testing for Speeding TicketOne of the most overlooked instruments in any vehicle is the speedometer. The speedometer is useful for a number of reasons, and most people know it as what they look at to ensure that they are under the speed limit. But having a faulty speedometer may give you false readings, and that put drivers in a bad situation. You want to be able to trust your speedometer if you are driving in adverse conditions such as heavy snow or rain. You also want to be able to trust your speedometer if you are driving in a school zone and want to ensure the safety of those walking in the area.

speedometer calibration

Our Advanced Automotive technicians are experienced in all different makes and models of speedometers, so no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, we can help correct your speedometer problem. You don’t have to been unsure of your speed when you travel. Come talk to our team and make your trip safer today.

No appointment necessary. Customer will receive two certified notarized copies of the calibration to present in court.

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