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The Importance of Engine Repair in South Riding

It’s essential that the engine of your car be in good condition at all times. When you need a professional to perform engine repair, a vehicle inspection or any other type of auto repair, the place to come in South Riding and the surrounding area is Advanced Automotive, Inc. Our professionals are highly skilled and well trained, so you can be sure that all of the work we do on your car will be in line with proper specifications.

We carry out many types of car repair, including brake repair, automatic transmission service and speedometer calibration. And we even provide towing service if you run into trouble on the road and can’t make it to our shop.

Automotive Repair is more than Changing Tires in South Riding

Vehicle inspection and routine maintenance are both services that we offer to all of our South Riding customers. These can prevent costly towing by making sure your car is in good condition before you take it out on the road. Proper auto repair and care must be done on a regular basis and not just when a problem arrises. This makes it possible for us to catch issues with the brakes, engines, seat belts and other areas before an accident occurs or your car breaks down. For vehicles with automatic transmission, this extra care is even more important due to the high level of wear and tear that these transmissions experience.

So for all of your car care needs, be sure to call Advanced Automotive Inc. today. Our team of trained and certified professionals is always available to help you keep your car in the best shape possible.

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